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    I am looking for a digital camera for my 9 year old. She is quite keen on taking pictures. I am looking at 2 cameras:

    1) Canon A1000s (undeniably better then the other camera I am looking at but almost twice the price - though I can get it under £100)

    2) Fujifilm FinePix A235 12MP Pink Digital Camera from Tesco (cheaper, but perhaps perfectly adequate).

    So I am trying to decide is there that much value in getting the more expensive camera: will my daughter find the more expensive camera more rewarding if it produces better pictures? Even though the more expensive camera will have more features will she be able (or even want to) use them? We will be buying a basic digital photography book for her also, so she might want to experiment.

    Any photography afficiondos out there with pearls of wisdom?

    Thanks in advance



    How likely is she to break it?

    When buying cameras for my 27 year old sister, I limit myself to around 60-70 pounds as I know she's probably going to break it at some point so there's no point spending any more. She's very pleased with a panasonic FS4 for 70 quid I bought from Tescos and to be honest even if your daughter is careful with items I'd still probably fork out less for one now and if she gets on well with it you can look to upgrade in the future. My first digital camera was a Fuji 1400z which I bought when I was in my 20's which I really enjoyed using as when I was younger I found film cameras frustrating so I think your daugther would be pleased to have any camera although I'd still stick to a name brand one.


    I am not sure it is worth spending £100 on a digital camera for a 9 year old.

    I am not even sure she needs 12Mp on the Fuji either. 12Mp is not always better than a 5mp (they just cram more pixels on the same CCD).

    But at £67 it is a decent deal.

    Note the Fuji does have AA batteries so you need to factor in the cost of recharagable batteries and a charger.

    Original Poster

    thanks guys - have left rep.

    I reckon I'll go for a Canon, because I have friends coming over from the states and factoring the exchange rate i can get them to bring me the Canon A1100 for just under £80 (according to my calculations). I know if the camera breaks then it will be a hassle, i.e. can't easily return it to the retailer; however, that's a chance I'm willing to take - there's always a work around.

    That way its not that expensive and has higher functionality which may (but probably will not) be used. Also, no doubt 'her camera' will get borrowed quite often

    That sounds fair enough, I'm your daughter will be delighted.

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