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    Hi All,

    I have a Fuji Fine Pix 6800 Zoom, which in my opionion is excellent. However its 4 years old and coming to the end of its life so I need a new one. But I cant find a camera that it 'Better' (Great Photo Quality, docking station, rechargable battery etc) only the video mode really lets it down...

    I have used quite a few other cameras upto the £300 mark and none of them take photos anywhere as well as my fuji. (The 6800 was about £500 4 years ago so I would have thought that by now a £200 would be better...)

    Any ideas/opionions?



    Ive got the Panasonic DMC-FZ7
    Great Quality Pics, Great video, Great Battery Life

    Which cameras have you been using? To be honest, I think many cameras now surpass your 6800 which was a good camera in its day but its specs are fairly weak now. The main problem with a lot of compact cameras is that they try to do everything for you, I don't like the results of many of them in auto mode but sticking them into manual gives much better results. I personally find it takes me a while to get to used to a camera before I get the best results, there's always little quirks and menu settings which you need to know before you get the best out of it.

    What sort of camera are you looking? Are you wanting something reasonably compact similar to the 6800 or are you happy to go with something a bit bigger such as the Panasonic FZ series mentioned above (similar to the older Fuki 6900)


    ]Heres a voucher for jessops hope it helps:thumbsup:

    Without knowing anything else, I'd recommend have a look at the Fuji F30/F31fd as I think they're more in the line you're looking for. Rather than pack as many pixels onto a small sensor as possible, Fuji went for a slightly larger sensor and optimised it for capturing light giving it outstanding high iso performance for a compact camera. Unfortunately the rest of the specs are nothing special, standard 3x zoom with no stabilisation.


    The cyber-shot series is good too. I bought my first one in japan about 6-7 years ago. its a 1.3mp but it beats most 3-5mp camera ive seen recently and its really small. Just shows how much the sensor's quality has to play in it.
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