Found 12th Aug 2010
Hey guys, been looking around for a camera for quite some time as my old one is awful.

Ive got the ones i like down to a short list...some help would be great

Samsung Pl70 - the cheap option, worried about the picture quality however. £62

Samsung St500 - Touch screen and front mini screen, small at 111mm cubed, but again worried about picture quality. £114

Sony W380 - Looks like a nice all round camera, can do panaromic sweep shots and small at 96mm cubed £114

Panasonic Lumix TZ6 - A beast of a zoom at 12x but quite chunky and wide. £114

Any experiance or help you can offer on them would be great, especially picture quality and low light shooting. Struggling to choose between size and zoom at the moment

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Ive got the samsung and I love it!

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Bad ass can u elaborate to why u would pick the panasonic??

And pitbike which samsung one are you talking about there is 2 on my shortlist lol

panasonic will have the best picture quality, and will also be the most reliable camera i suspect. im usually a sony fan, but not too impressed by their cheaper cameras.

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cheers shanecr, reliabilty is always a big positive. I wouldn't of called it one of sony's cheaper camera's though, but i guess that depends on what your looking at lol.

Whats the point, im not a pro or anything, i just like taking lots of photo's and love it when a great one comes out. I dont usually mess around with all the setting and detailed stuff, im more of a point and shooter, but then again i would like to learn more about it all.
I take pictures of everything lol but do like to take some in bars and clubs of friends, so it has to be able to cope in dim conditions.
I'll probably print them 6 by 4 might blow one up bigger occassionally but not very often at all.


I'd go for that TZ10 deal for around £200.

i have a panasonic lumix FS30 and it's fab, 14 megapixel and 8x optical zoom. got mine for just under £130 a few months ago

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Cheers badass that helps a lot more. And cheers missp27 as welll

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So im leaning towards the panasonic tz6, but slightly worried that it wont fit in my pocket well. Anybody know??

try this compare site, quite useful

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Badass want me to measure them lol there normal sized pockets lol.

Thanks J9STL Quite interesting, that website actually suggest that the sony W380 is the best by quite a i dont know what to think lol.

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haha yeh i saw that and got quite excited... unfortunately thats just for a battery on the french amazon lol.

Most of the info seems to be correct though. I guess it just depends on what priority you place on different things. My problem is between size and zoom.

But also all those facts and figures unfortunately dont really tell you how good the pictures will be.

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Cheers again J9

The pics from the TZ6 look great, not too many pics from the w380 since its quite a new cam.

Still can't be decisive between size and zoom.

Think i have to try and see how big the tz6 is first hand in a shop, shame im busy all weekend


you could look on flickrw380 picstz6 pics

one thing i noticed when i switched from a sony to a panasonic, was how more blue the skies were in photos.
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