Which camera would be better to buy?

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Found 6th Jun 2010
hi going away on thursday and budget is tight, can anyone suggest which camera would be better as i can't decide. * thanks rep will be given x

Hitachi HDC1291 12MP Camera -

Canon PowerShot A480 10MP Camera

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for me the canon, i know it says less megapixels but that isnt the whole story

its also about good colour, low noise, and how easy the camera is to use, and if it takes consistently good photos, and if the lens is good, and a couple of years from now, can you get a new cable or something like that!

I have had 3 canons, and recommend, even my 8 year old one still works and takes good photos

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thanks, think i'm going to go with the canon has more reviews lol..rep givenn

Hitachi dont even make the cameras they just sell the licensing for someone to use the brand AFAIK

I'd choose canon, I have used a few in the past and been really good.

Another vote for the Canon, Hitachi do not make camera's, they sell their branding, mainly to Argos suppliers.
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