Which Canon Camera shall i get

    I am stuck between 2 Canon cameras on which is the best to get.

    Im looking at the Canon IXUS 80 and the Canon IXUS 960.

    There is only £2 in price difference, also the 960 has a higher pixel rate but im not fussed so much over pixels as i know it makes no odds really unless i want to blow up the picture.

    Has anyone got any of these cameras and if so could you let me know what you think of them.



    go for the ixus 960, better reviews on internet

    I have just sold my ixus 60 and was looking at the canon ixus 80i and 960 I have decided to go for the ixus 80i only decause its a smaller body will fit better in your pocket . both camers are very good if you go through amazon add the free camera case and reduced vat code
    happy shopping

    Original Poster

    Thanks, i think i have pretty much decided the 960 due to the look, the rating has 9/10 on a lot of places and the 80 has 7/10 also i read the 80 i have read is like an basic entry level compact digital.

    Got a £50 amazon voucher that i got given so gonna be cheaper as well

    Thanks everyone

    free case and reduced VAT code -how do i get those?
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