Which car would you buy?

    Hello everyone...

    So the clutch on my ancient Fiesta went this morning and, unsurprisingly, a new one fitted would cost more than the car itself... Hardly worth it.
    Lo-and-behold, I need a new motor and will have to go down the used route (finance isn't an option due to a less-than-desirable credit score and the fact I need the car quick for work).

    I have a £3,000 budget and I'm not looking for anything specific but it needs to be local to me so I've narrowed it down to the three cars below.

    For the record, I'm just after your guys' opinions about which one you would go for if you had too? Of course, I'll keep shopping around but I thought I'd try the ASK section aswell.…lts?make=AUDI&vehicleType=cars



    the Mercedes looks very nice and clean with low miles

    the Mercedes is quite a steal


    the Mercedes looks very nice and clean with low miles

    Yes, but the ask was ..... "which would you go for"

    factor in if something goes wrong the Merc will be the most expensive to fix . I would probably still pick it out of the three tho

    I'd pick the Mercedes

    For a nice drive, the merc, but for costs of repairs the focus

    I would go for the Mercedes because it is a nice colour. Not very scientific or analytic but hey ho

    Focus, only because I would not want the repair bills of the other 2.

    Focus. Newer car which was launched 2005 and is known to be reliable and cheap to run and maintain. Whilst the merc may be trendier, its based on a 2000 design so may feel dated.

    What about yaris

    Out of the 3 id go for the Audi, it looks alot better than the merc and the ford and would have a nice smooth drive. Repair/Maintenance may be a little more on it but that all depends on you and your finances.

    I'd look for a diesel audi a3/a4 or a bmw 320d personally.

    Do u still get warranty with cars bought from a garage, the merc does look nice and low miles, but the ford is probably the best as it will be easier to repair if anything goes wrong tough decision but I think the only way u will know is if you go visit and check the cars out... Anything can look great in a pic

    Personally would go for the Audi. Always been an Audi fan.
    The Merc would be the sportiest drive if that's what you're after but will be the most expensive to fix. I looked at a 10yr old Merc once with 8 service stamps, most non Merc garages but all costing over 1k! (it was a 3l E class)
    The ford will be the cheapest to repair but more likely to go wrong so it'll end up being off the road more.
    I'd always say look at the service history, make sure there are no gaps and investigate when the cam belt needs changing .... the Audi would be around 80k and will cost £300 ish if it's not been done.

    try getting insurance quotes for all 3 and see which is best financially. plus I'd go for the ford as it will b easier to sell on if you wanted too.

    Mercedes!! you will look really cool driving that!!

    Toyota Aygo for reliability and economical
    To run

    why not look for something private on auto trader preferably 1 owner, that will be considerably cheaper than a dealer and should net you a better car.

    Focus, 5 door, low mileage and the 2.0L engine is the same as what is in my S Max, Duratec Mazda engine , It's reliable and quicker 0-60 than the Audi A3 and Merc although the Merc has an higher top speed.

    Audi is the most economical option, But 3 door, higher miles and will probably need a new clutch soon if it hasn't already had one ;).

    Merc similar to Focus but will cost more to service and repair.

    I'd go for Focus or A3.

    for its age the Mercedes looks really nice. but as said above if something goes wrong it can be pricey. see if you can get a warranty with it.
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