which charity?

    This may sound crazy but i would love to give a present to a child this xmas that would really make them happy.Let me explain. When my now spoilt teenager was a toddler we didnt have two pennies and my then neighbour was a sally army volunteer and she gave me a really big thomas the tank engine train set to wrap up for him for xmas. Now my life my life has turned round i would love to be able to do something for somebody else. Any ideas?


    In my local "Borders" book shop they were doing a thing where you buy a book give it to them and then they will wrap it and take it to the local childrens hospital. Maybe you could do something like that:thumbsup:

    Difficult one,m I personally dont like giving to those shopping centre places as who knows who gets item.

    I came from a poor family myself and was lucky if I got a selection box as the only present in the early years and sat with no electric.

    Some people class kids who need support as being some kid who causes loads of problems, and parents are stressed but much better off than some who have friendly kids but they are poor so it depends on your definition of need.

    I personally would give to someone who struggled hard to buy kids things but are badly off than people who are better off but with problem kids.

    strange you asking this, as my sons girlfriend was talking about this the other day, saying her mum wants a goat for christmas, but then she went onto say that her mum wanted her to get her a goat to give to the poor, or someother gift as she is need of nothing, quite sweet really!

    oh think it was something to do with oxfam

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    RYOUGA that is exactly my problem. Iv just seen on my nearby shopping centre have a toy appeal but not sure about it.


    What about a donation to a charity like this one?

    Or a local hospice

    We have a local hospice and my wife use to get lots and lots of chocs for xmas.What we did was take all that we knew wouldn't get eaten their.Ok they probably got lots given but it's the thought that counts.:-D

    Have a look at this site OP (and anyone else that cares)



    Have a look at this site OP (and anyone else that cares) … Have a look at this site OP (and anyone else that cares) :)

    I use that site Really like the idea, especially the fact that they include the siblings


    What a lovely idea, although a hard decision to make on who to donate to, im sure all are worthy and cant really help you there, just wanted to say good luck in you choosing and may you and your family enjoy a lovely christmas and best wishes for the new year x

    I did the shoebox appeal too (wrap and then fill a shoebox and it gets sent to a war torn country) but think it is too late to do that now

    It's heart-warming to hear of such alruistic people. I'm also a little sceptical about giving to local hospices/hospitals as I'm sure, by their very nature, they are not short of gifts/donations from the public. It's my experience that those who are genuinely in need will not seek help openly. If one asked discreetly at the local church or any place of worship I'm sure you'd find help or knowledge of families in need. I hope all you generous people found some deserving recipients of your generosity.
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