Which cheap monitor for desktop usage?

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Have a Dell 2001fp. It's 2003-vintage anandtech.com/sho…193 20.1" 1600x1200. Power supply has failed (probably, not really going to spend any thing on investigating)

Want to replace with something similar (ish). Don't have a gaming card in the PC (downstairs have a PC with TV attached), so it's mostly work usage.

Most monitors are now 1080p, 1440p is quite nice I suppose. A 21.5" Dell 1080p for £100 has more-or-less the same pixel pitch (but less height than old monitor 1080 vs 1200), a 24" 1440p for £200 smaller pixels.

But not sure?
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I've got a Dell U2414H (2014) and its a very nice screen, slim bezel design, plenty of inputs, I wouldn't worry about 1080p vs 1200p if you go 24" You can still pick them up for under £200


There are newer versions, but personally I prefer the older version


You should check out tftcentral anyway as they give really in depth reviews.
I'd be inclined to go for one of the 25" 2560x1080 screens, they've been done to £130 a couple of times recently.

EDIT: That's assuming you like your monitor at it's current distance, if you'd rather have it further back to give you more deskspace then do take the opportunity to change to a lower dpi model.
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If you are not bothered about a new one, take a look at your local ebay listings (collection only, they tend to go cheaper). I picked up a nice AOC 24" LED monitor recently. Lovely condition, works a treat. Cost £11. Bargain
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