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Found 22nd Apr 2008

I'M going to purchase a sat nav very soon, but i just dont know which one out of these:

TomTom ONE

Navman S30

Garmin Nuvi 250

I just want a basic one with Uk maps, any other features are a bonus. Also can anyone tell me if it cost to update the map software for all the above models?

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Hi! Well I bought a Tom Tom GO 510 4 months ago and its brilliant , its bluetooth, etc. I think the tom tom you suggest is pretty basic however they are the best make! To be honest though I think you should maybe wait 12-24 month unless you are really in need of one, all mobiles will have sat nav capabilities soon. Nokia N95, Iphone, etc already do and its going to be a basic mobphone accessory without a doubt, games are sooooo 2004 (sorry for being an a**:thumbsup:) so hold your horses!!:)

stick with tom tom I,ve tried three different types and they don't compare (;

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Thanks for the advise!

I hate mobiles so i might go with the TOm TOm as soon as i find a great deal

Wait for few weeks,tomtom releases x30 series,so older models will go down in price for sure.Personaly i am using tomtom 520,superb model.You can update maps within 1 month of purchase for free.

Had a TomTom but it failed and was refunded. Bought a cheap Navman instead. It's OK but not a patch on a working TomTom!

The Garmin is good and slimmer than the Tom Tom.(easier to put in your pocket.)

]MIO Mitac is better and cheper than TomTom

definitely go for GARMIN- i work at Halfords and we have Tomtoms sent back to us from customers all the time, always having problems with them, software probs, screen freezing, not working etc, and all we can do is send it back to tomtom for repair and you ahve to wait for ages for them to send it back and even then the problem is not even fixed, where as Garmin i have one myself had it for 8months now and have had no problems whatsoever, it is so simple to use!! plug it in and off you go. also if there is a problem with the garmin which is highly unlikely then in store we can usually just exchange it for a new one- of course if it is within the guarantee.
much more hassel free!! Garmins are the best sat navs around! much better quality and well built. also compact and the suction mounts are easy to use and dont fall off unlike sony ones which are awful.
also dont be fooled with Sony as yes they look good but infact they are rubbish, they dont tend to last very long.

Get one of these babies for £65: :thumbsup:


It can be easily modded to run Tomtom, MioMap, Igo8 or TurboDog 5 !!! (just copy & paste)

It also plays MP3's AND Movies !!! :thumbsup:

You can EVEN mod the Main Menu for it to look like an Iphone from this :

http://img362.imageshack.us/img362/6650/display2uh0.pngTO THIS : http://i287.photobucket.com/albums/ll125/m8rk_album/mmenu.jpg
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