Which cheap tv out of jvc at currys and lg at argos?

Posted 13th Jul 2015
Looking for a cheap second TV for a holiday home. No need for anything fancy as no wifi or anything hd! I have found a 50 inch jvc at currys for £299.99 and a 49 inch lg from Argos for £319.99. Which would people recommend has anyone purchased either? argos.co.uk/sta…JUN
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Personally i would go for the LG. LG are the 2nd biggest screen manufacturer after samsung so you know you'll get the quality there. JVC aren't anywhere near the size they used to be.

definaly the LG. most JVC are just badged cheap pap TVs made by vestal (i think) much the same as bush and other cheap makes.
My mum got a jvc just over a year ago, guess what, it's dead!
Jvc may as well be currys own make, they arnt the big name they used to be
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