Which company should I choose for fibre Internet and TV?

Found 5th Dec 2017
Hi guys I am not happy with what I am paying with BT and they will increase the prices.

I have been looking for deals last few days but can't make my mind up.

All reviews are mostly negative for companies.

I cannot get virgin in my area so it's not an option for me.

I would like to get your opinions and experiences.

I would like to ask about Now TV as well.

Who provides the Internet for them?

Are their channels full hd or standard definition?

They are pretty cheap right now and contract free.

Please help me out if you can.

Thanks indeed.
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I was with VM for years and had no problems but after moving I couldn't stay with them. I picked BT and I'm happy, very professional now and decent services. After taking some deals and use TCB I get more from BT for half the price. Only down side is if I do ever reboot the router I get a new IP address and for me that means an hours works because I have a web server at home :-)
BT, better the devil you know, After my 12 month contract ended I used online chat, told me they could not offer me a deal, said okay I am going to shop around with other providers, suddenly they could offer me a deal, I now get 76mb fibre to the home ( not cabinet ) weekend calls for £29 a month.
Which channels are you actually after?
EndlessWaves1 h, 26 m ago

Which channels are you actually after?

Some premium ones such as Comedy Central crime investigation etc
I ended up staying with BT phoned them this morning and told them I want to give notice that I'm leaving them. They offered me 6 pound discount I said that's not enough then made it 10 quid.

£32.99 for 76mb unlimited infinity

£10 for entertainment max channels (alla channels with HD)


I kind of saved 12. 50 a month.

I was paying 52.99 for it and it was gonna go up by 2.50 for broadband.

To be honest I didn't wanna leave them as I never had huge problems with them last 5 years don't wanna risk myself ending up with a rubbish company where I will have problems all the time.

BTW if I wanted to leave them I was gonna pay 5 quid extra for my sim so that's another 5 quid saver a month. 😁
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