Which contract to get?

    I'm due an upgrade with Vodaphone but thinking of switching.

    I want the HTC Hero or Tattoo (Hero preferably)

    Need unlimited texts, minimum 100 minutes and some internet inclusive. Thing is I want it as cheap as possible (under £25 month) and no more than 18 month contract, any ideas who is best to go with??

    thanks in advance - rep will be given


    try looking at the best deals on the net, then go to quidco, to see how much cashback u can get it was £90 last week , then go back to vodafone and ask them to match or better the best plan u seen and also bring the quidco cashback into the equation,

    i just upgraded my phone last week, using this method and got the 90 quid taken off my monthly bill £5 a month for 18 months=90,. currently only paying £20 thats 300 mins, unlimited texts, plus internet, and samsung H1 not bad deal but i have been with vodafone a few good years

    I'm on Orange and have a hero with the amount of minutes and texts you want for 25 a. Month just call and tell them that's what you want

    I have a HTC Hero (free) with 600 minutes, unlimited texts and unlimited internet for £25. I'm a "loyal customer" though so not sure if that'd be available if you're a new customer?

    3g have the hero in White at £23.45 for 750 mind and 3000 texts and it's a 18 month contract
    This tarrif includes a 33% discount for the full 18 months
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