which cooker cable and where to buy Flavel FSBE50 Single Electric Cooker - White

Found 8th Apr 2013
I've bought this cooker and it does not come with the connecting cable.

Could someone advise me on which cable to buy and the best place to purchase i'd need about 2 meters, thank you

Flavel FSBE50 Single Electric Cooker - White
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The electrician who fits it will know. HTH.
They sell wire in poundland. It's supposedly for speakers but i guess it'll work with a cooker?
I'm not here to discuss wether to install the cooker myself or not, I'm looking at buying cooker cable for this cooker and would like some advice any would be great.

I do understand people advising others to follow safety guide lines and thank you the work on the cooker will be to spec via a qualified electrician. I don't understand people trolling over things like this, really? speaker wire please you need another hobby.
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Its called 6mm twin and earth cable. It should be 30amp cable minimum (for a cooker rated up to 13kw), up to 45amp. It should be wired into the seperate cooker ring with a 40amp trip switch. Should cost a few quid a metre.

Best place to get it from is a plumber's or electrician's merchants. Found on most industrial estates.

Looks like this:


@jtx speaker wire? WTF! oO

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I've bought a few things from these on Ebay, great service.
Not sure if they have your cable but worth a look...
Check out this item I found on eBay: pages.ebay.com/lin…878
( other cables available, just do a search)
Normally 6mm "twin & earth" is used for cooker installation. Its solid rather than multicore, & the "twins" are both in additional sleeves with the earth only insulated by the outer cable.

If you feel a bit confused going to a trade supplier, visit B&Q who will explain things.

Even if the cooker you are installing does not require wire to accommodate a high amperage, its best doing it properly, as your next cooker (or those in the house after you) might.
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