Which countries can Europeans move to without Visa's

    Not sure if anyone will know this or where I could ask but my husband works internationally, he has Dutch passport but was born in South Africa, and I am Scottish. Anyway he is looking to change to a rotational job but says if he does that he doesnt fancy staying in this country (Scotland) due to the climate. Does anyone know of any sites I can go on to find out where we could move to?

    We are looking to buy a house abroad but not work in the country we live in. He doesnt really want to stay in Europe but as we have two daughters aged 1 and 2 we want to go somewhere where they can go to school and get an education where they will have a decent change of getting a job when they leave school.

    South Africa is out of the question cos the education system isnt great there and my husband has already experienced employers in other countries trying to pay you peanuts cos you are from there originally. Plus his mum and dad and also his sister stay over there in Port Elizabeth and Cape Town and crime can be quite high with locals breaking into your property. We did think about Asia but are worried due to the the attitude towards females in the Eastern world, and also thought about Canada but are not sure that we would be allowed to live and not work there. I could possibly work part time, but as our kids are young, I wouldnt want to work fulltime.

    There is also the option of finding somewhere to stay till the kids are a bit older then moving before it has a detrimental effect on their education and their future.

    Anyone done it? Got any advice? Can they recommend anywhere we could relocate to? My husband has given me final say as I am the one who has to live there full time and I know best what our kids need. For info he is a hydraulic engineer and I am in IT but neither of us have degrees but both have at least 8 years work experience.

    Cheers for any info or advice that ANYONE can offer!

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    Any country in the EU, for 5 years.
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