Found 13th Feb 2007
My Intel P4 HT 3.2Ghz is the slowest component in my PC according to Vista - It's only achieves a score of 4.3.

I need/want to update my CPU (and motherboard etc), but I'm really out of touch with what to get these days. I don't want to have to replace the rest of my kit just yet, and I want the best bang for my buck. I'm not interested (read: can't afford) in having the very latest, cutting edge technology, unless I can get it for the right price.

Can anyone point me in the right direction? I'm completely baffled by the wealth of CPU slots etc these days. I've always built my own PCs (including this one), but I'm really out of touch now.

Thanks in advance...

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Keep what you've got. A P4 HT 3.2Ghz is hardly old technology, it's just that vista is obviously designed to perform better with hardware that will be newly released over the coming months / years.

I agree with markwillis....I'd live with what you have and maybe later in the year consider a upgrade as Intel core 2 prices fall.

Markwills not willis hehe

Also if you want to go for dual core etc. I'm pretty sure (although not certain) that you'd have to upgrade the motherboard as well, which could possibly mean you need to upgrade RAM in addition. Also you may need a new heatsink & fan, possibly a new PSU too. So it could (possibly) end up being incredibly expensive.


Markwills not willis hehe

sorry mark..I just cannot get willis out of mind...don't know why cos I do not know a willis.

LOL it's OK everyone on this forum seems to call me willis anyway!

What do you do with the PC Leigh? Do you play games on it?

Forget what Vista thinks - you should only upgrade your PC if you think it's slow...

Original Poster

Thanks for the info guys.

I mainly use my PC for DV/HD editing (Vegas) and website/Windows development (C#), but I do play the odd game. I've pre-ordered Unreal Tournament 3, and I'd like to be able to ramp up the features. My video card should be ok, but I thought my CPU might be a bottleneck.

Based on your comments, I'm going to stick with my P4 3.2Ghz.


A 3.2Ghz P4 is fater than most Dual Cores for single tasks - it's only when you are running multiple tasks at the same time or have a multi-core-aware application that the dual core really comes into its own. Most games run faster on a higher clock speed P4 than a slower clock speed Core2Duo. Your video card is the one to upgrade. I'm sticking with my 3.4Ghz Pentium.
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