Which Digital Camera.... Aaaaghh!

    Hello there

    I'm currently looking for a new digital camera which will a) high-quality photo's and b) large amount of optical zoom 10x minimum

    I've mainly been focusing on the Panasonic Lumix range have now have 3 candidates...

    FZ38 for £240
    TZ8 for £200
    TZ10 for £250

    I would be happy with the TZ8 but not sure whether it's worth the extra £40-50 for one of the other models?

    Also - what about camera's from other manufacturers? Are there any others which can compare with the Panasonic Lumix range?



    I had a similar dilemma recently, was looking for 10mp, 12xzoom, not too bothered about HDas want nice pictures, not a video camera. Went for the TZ65 from Curry's at £150 (plus quidco).

    Very pleased!!!

    just recieved my brand new panasonic lumix fs30 this morning and it's brilliant
    8x optical zoom 14 megapixel for £140 really good value for the amazing quality of pictures it takes!
    and it comes in purple!!! (and other colours!)

    OP i'd save yourself £100 or so and get this!!

    Canon SX200IS is amazing

    I've got a TZ7 & my Dad just went and got a TZ10, wish I'd waited for the 10 to come out. Just spend the extra you won't be dissapointed!
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