which digital camera? close up photography

I need a digital camera that can take good quality close up images. I need to photograph jewellery in a light tent and get a decent result. I have around £100 (*am I dreaming - or can it be done*)

Must capture the sparkle and sheen of the jewellery with the aid of daylight bulbs and a front dazzler.

I only need to use it for this purpose and wont be taking any picture portraits or landscapes with it.

Any ideas?

:thumbsup: Thank you!


I'm not sure about your specific requirements, but I would point out that almost ALL digital cameras have wonderful close-up macro settings.

Any good make with a good lens should be OK. I know that Nikon's macros are great, for example.

If I was you, I'd go into a Jessops and ask their advice and handle some models.

Something like the Fuji F650 should do what you want. This camera has a Super Macro setting which means you can take close ups from 3cm.
The full spec is here:

I'll also give you the link to the "refurbished sales" section of the Fuji site where these cameras sell for £101.99 + shipping.
Read up on what refurbished actually means if buying from Fuji and you may be able to save yourself a bit of money on a near perfect item.

Hope the above helps.

Original Poster

thank you!!!!
rep added for you both - I will check them out right now:thumbsup:

You're welcome !

I should also add, although you probably are already aware, that you need to invest in one of those mini tripods for whatever camera you get.
I'm sure I saw them on sale in Poundland last week.

Good luck !
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