which Digital SLR Camera - help!

    Hi, could anyone recommend a decent first digital SLR. I am on a tight budget
    am looking to get one for my partner, but havent a clue what i am looking for!
    thank you.


    Whats the budget?

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    couldnt really go over £350. looking around, I know i am at the bottom end of the market for SLR, but just wanted to spend what i do have wisely!

    The Nikon D40 slr has been a very popular camera with many.There is a later model now the D40x and this can be got from Ebuyer for £352.49 delivered

    Here is a link to a review ]click

    I think he would be happy with this.:)

    D40 all the way - i'm quite an experienced snapper and it's more than enough for me. With cashback offer you can get 1 for nearly £250 at the moment !!

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    thank you for taking the time to help, i appreciate it. i read the review, looks good, although personal recommendations are great as i don't know that much about the technical side! would the D40 be ok for a first timer, rather than spend the extra on the D40x?

    Personally i'd probably still chose the D40 over the D40x - the 40X is mainly Nikon's attempt at keeping up with the Jones's by releasing a 10megapixel entry level DSLR. PQ is arguably slightly better on the D40 as the sensor is utilised better. More megapixels = larger files as well so your memory cards and hard drives fill up quicker. 6MP is more than enough for the majority unless you need to do some serious cropping of your pics....Take my weord for it the D40 is all you really need at your level.

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    D40 it is then, thank you so much for your help. Now all i have to do is hunt down a great Hotdeal!! (I'd put a smilie face on here but can't seem to find the link!!)

    Here you go Joanne - Jessops probably your best & safest option…p=y


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    thanks i managed to go through John Lewis with the £30 off, which expires today - lucky they came back in stock this morning. so chuffed to say the least!! :-)

    Good for you - pm me if you need any help getting going. Also this forum has loads of good advice on the excellent D40…034
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