which ds games are playable on 2 consoles without buying 2 of the same games?

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Found 30th Oct 2008
does anyone know if you need to have 2 of the same games to be able to play multiplayer on 2 consoles? my daughter has one and i have ordered one for me - will we both need the same game to be able to play each other or is there certain games that you dont need to have 2 of the same? also, how do we connect them together to be able to write notes to each other - what else can you do with the wifi thingy? do you have to be in the same room? sorry im a bit green with this! many thanks x


it should tell you on the back of the game box if it is link play also for the chat your ds will search out any others and no you dont have to be in the same room my kids chat from their own bedrooms to each other

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does link play mean you need 2 of them or 1? (sorry)!


does link play mean you need 2 of them or 1? (sorry)!

not sure what the official wording is i cant get a box as the kids are in bed but in the top right of the back cover there is a symbol that tells you if you can play the same game with only one cartridge

http://img.tesco.com/pi/entertainment/MM/LB/706548_GS_L_B.jpg single card download play

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i know i sound thick but does that mean super mario bros can be played on 2 consoles if we only have the 1 game?

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got it sussed! it looks lky brain training, super mario bros, mario 64, bomberman land touch are all lyk this! get in! thanks for your help - rep is on its way!

It's a well supported feature and generally works very well, occasionally there are some limitations such as Mario kart where you can't choose your character or bad implementations such as Nanostray where you can only do one level and then reload it all.

Had eight DS's running off a single Bomberman cart, great game.


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great - dodnmt realise its full potential! do you have to be in the same house tho?

Yes - the two DS's have to be in range of each other, basically what happens is one person fires up the game while the other sets the DS ready to download the game. The first person chooses the option to allow the one cart multiplayer which will then appear on the second DS, once the person accepts a slimmed down version of the game is copied over to their DS and the game can start.

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