Which DS games are the best for 7 year old girl?

Found 28th Jul 2008
And where to buy them from please.
Thanks in advance good people.
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Have you tried nintendogs?
my 7 yr old daughter loves super mario bros, mariokart, cooking mama 1 & 2.
My 7 year old nephew loves my sims ( and he's a little bit girly in what he likes) he was on it for hours the last time I saw him. Nintendogs is very good too and aparently animal crossing. Zoo tycoon is ok too.
My 8 year old sister loves fashion designer, imagine babies, nintendogs, the sims, any mario games, cooking mama, Purr Pals :thumbsup:
Thanks! Great advice - nice one.
Hi my seven year old loves super princess peach and animal crossing the best. Both from Play.com
Nintendogs (and the various other pet games)
Zelda (I guess)
Some of the educational ones, maybe brain training is a little much at 7, but I'm sure there are plenty more.
GTA on the DS when it's released.
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