Which Electric Toothbrush?

    I'm looking to buy an electric toothbrush, maybe around £25 but not sure where to start....

    Are the sonic ones much better?
    Which one has cheap heads that are readily available? (Official or not)

    There are quite a few on offer right now, oral b, colgate etc... But I don't want to buy one and be stuck having to pay a lot for the heads after.

    There are a lot of different models too, Is it generally just the head type that makes the difference? Can you put different heads on?

    Found this cheap one from Asda…tml[email protected]@@@[email protected]@@@&BV_EngineID=ccchadeehfjdkhicfkfcfkjdgoodgmg.0&product_id=2435154&from_panels=&trolley_page=/rc03_trolley/web_rc03_a_trolley_body.jsp&item_status=I&on_promo=No#/product/910000972609 but can't find the replacement heads!

    Oh my! Should I just stick to a manual lol


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    Electric tooth brushes are good, but the price of replacement bush heads is scandalous!

    Braun/oralB are a good make for you at your suggested priceband just look out for deals on the heads
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    I started with an Ultrasonex years ago, had two of those. Upgraded to a Sonicare HealthyWhite, on my second.

    The Sonicare is a brilliant brush, and as I've said on another HUKD thread recently, my dentist said in the last few years "whatever you're doing, keep doing it". I haven't needed a filling since I started sonic toothbrushes, my teeth are brighter and gums healthier.

    I got boyf this for xmas (same 31,000 strokes a minute as the more expensive HealthyWhite) at £25.18 a few months back. Camelcamelcamel it and wait a little, if you can.…224

    My opinion as a dentist is to recommend the Oral B toothbrushes, but it is more each to there own. Oscillating brush heads have been found to remove more plaque, but they all do the job. you might not get on with oscillating vs sonic motion and vice versa. I have used them both and prefer the oral b but I also still use a manual at times.

    Oral b always
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