Which External 500GB HD is the most reliable out of selection inside.wd/seagate/lacie

    Western Digital 500GB MyBook Premium USB2/Firewire 7200rpm 16MB - £108.52

    Seagate FreeAgent Pro 500GB 7200RPM 16MB USB/FW400/eSATA - £114.99

    LaCie 500GB d2 7200RPM Quadra eSATA/FW800/400/USB2 16MB - £115.30

    I thinking of buying one of the three hard drives above. I would just like your opinions on what one is the most reliable. I only have a 30gb harddrive on my computer thats always full. I want to store all my music and movies onto it and maybe also editing some of the videos i store onto it, also i will d/l files from the internet straight onto it. I dont plan to use the backup software, I just want safe storage. I had a 250 gb maxtor drive which is on the verge off not working anymore, e.g strange noises & files not playing from it, so i need to try and transfer everything from it onto this new drive.

    Also I only have usb1 slots on my computer, I also have 3 firewire ports available and 1 free pci card slot, which I could use for an esata card if I get an esata external drive. much are esata cards?

    or If anybody has any other recommations on any other drives at the same size and simular price, let me know.

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