Which External Hard drive should I buy??Please help!

    I cant make up my mind on which to buy from the list below, so I need some much needed advice Thanks!


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    This one: 250gb external hd for £34.99…tml

    or this 500gb external hd for £44.99…tml
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    Depends on whether you need an internal / external hard drive - and whether you need 3.5" or 2.5"....

    The 2 posted above are good prices though!

    Sometimes buying an enclosure (an example from along with an internal 2.5" hard drive works out cheaper....

    If you want convenience then look at portable 2.5" external drives, they just need one usb connection to the computer and are quite easy to travel with..
    The down side is that they have 8-16MB buffer which is less than their 3.5" counter parts..

    If that is not really a concern then go for the 3.5" drives which need a power adaptor of some sort and are a little bulkier but the + side is that some come with 32MB buffer so they are a bit quicker!

    Also the 2.5" maximum size atm moment is 1TB
    whereas the 3.5" there is a 2TB arround..

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