which free music download site is best?

    which is the best place to get free music to download?, preferably one that dosent make the pc crash!!!


    *cough* you mean legal music?, Unsigned artists?

    (Otherwise it could get removed ;-) )

    Isnt universal bringing one out soon?


    legal music downloaded free except the program is full of adverts.

    Original Poster

    are these like kazzaa or emule? do you reccomend either of them?

    legal music downloads here , some good stuff if you search


    Sign upto sites such as [url][/url]

    How to get free music and movies! Watch Video…X6Y

    morphues(spelt wrong)

    i do hope ur not trying to get copyrighted music for free

    everybody does it without anyone knowing even by sending music through bluetooth is illegal.

    everybody does it without anyone knowing even by sending music through bluetooth is illegal.

    i know everyone does it, but still doesnt make it right to steal from the artists and their greedy record companies though

    tbh no one cares

    i know they dont, but theres hell on when theyve found out theyve had stuff stolen from them, but still find it ok to do it to others


    tbh no one cares

    Not quite true. 100's of 1,000's of people who make there livelihoods through royalties or through legitimate businesses care. I'd also like to think that there's still some people with some integrity left who care about it.

    The "everybody does it" argument is no defense.

    but they cant stop are they gona charge 100s of thousands of teenagers for doing this.

    With Napster, you get as much music as you want for £9.99pm. Good value IMO. One problem is that you never own it, but can play it as long as you are a subscriber.
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