Which free photo storage websites are there?

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A long time ago (bad memory) I stored some important photos on a free photo hosting site. Now I badly need those photos but I cant remember which ones I used. I am not drunk I have a medical condition that effects my memory badly. I know it was one that would not delete them.

Can you please list the website you know so I can check if my photos are on them?

Bet it was one that was advertised on here around 2-3 years ago.

Tried a couple already.

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Was it DropBox?

I use photobucket and have done for years without issue.... just remember to set folders private or password protected
I've had a fre photobucket account for several years and it used to be great. But after several years break I started using it again recently. Unfortunately I found it almost impossible to use on my ipad due to the amount of adverts popping up all the time unless you pay for an ad free subscription, not much better on a pc.
Google Photos isn't as nice to use, but does the job and has a reasonably generous space allocation.
I'd be happy to jear about any good alternatives.
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Wikipedia is pretty handy for lists of these sorts of things. Yours may be on this one - en.m.wikipedia.org/wik…tes

Failing that, maybe try for a list of online (or cloud) storage sites.
I have had 4 or 5 email addresses and many of the accounts are frozen and I cant reset the password. I am getting so desperate to find these photos - needed urgently. Any tech expert know how to help please?
Google or MS drive. snapfish.
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