Which Gaming Mouse?

    Hey all, I currently have a MX518 Logitech, and love the occasional online dabble at call of duty. The mouse is great, but I fint it heavy and the feet grip to my desk too much.

    I have tried alsorts but want to change mouse now.

    Anyone know of a goodun for not too much ££s


    Have you tried using an icemat? Its a glass mount.

    I personally recommend:

    They do cost a bit more than an average mouse, but its for a good reason. I have had my Razer Diamondback for around 4-5 years now and it's still flying around like no tomorrow heh.


    mouse skates

    They do the job, trust.

    The MX518 was supposed to be one of the best mice out there, you might have trouble finding one better especially if you want to spend less this time.

    A gaming mousemat might help make it smoother if you're just using it on a desk or a standard cloth mousemat at the moment.

    If you really want a new mouse then I've heard good things about the Steelseries Ikari optical and laser and it was apparently designed to be pretty light (no extra weights here). I'm not sure if you'd consider it too much money though.
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