Which graphics card?

    Which budget graphics card is the best out of these two?

    MSI Amd R7 360 Oc Clock 2 GB £78.43 from Amazon
    MSI NVIDIA GTX 750Ti Gaming 1085MHz (Boost 1163MHz) 5400MHz 2GB £104.98 Amazon

    Any help would be great as my sons card just died last night and need new one fast. Thanks


    better off paying a bit more and will work better on the newer games.

    what card did he have?

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    What one would you recommend? as i don't want to pay too much. He had a NVIDIA GeForce GTX 560 Ti 448 cores which has been excellent for the past 5 or 6 years.

    the rx 460 are the new ones like £110 or so
    but better off a higher spec as it will last longer..

    what sort of games does he play?…641

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    He plays game like Civ 5, Battlefield 4, Minecraft etc. So the rx 460 will be much better than the R7 360 and GTX 750Ti? as I don't know much about video cards as so many out there to pick from.

    RX 470 strix

    if you check the link on my previous post, you can compare various cards with the drop down boxes.

    the rx 460 is about 20% better stat wise on the r7 360
    and 35% better stat wise than the 750ti

    id personally go for the rx 470/480 about £200 for the 480 but will last a few years longer and allow him to play the newer games (plus not far from xmas)
    or the gtx1060 which is slight cheaper (£20 cheaper) and slower (3% slower)

    the main question is do you prefer spending £100 this year and then £100 in a couple years.. and limited game capabilities, or £200 now and fine the next few years..

    The userbenchmark results aren't particularly representative of gaming performance. Generally the 360 comes out slightly behind in games, not 12% ahead.

    They're much the same speed though, so you'd be silly to pay that much extra for the 750ti. At ~£105 you want to be looking at the new RX 460.

    Yeah, best to use that site to compare approx. performance, then check a review for that specific card.
    Their prices arent alway upto date either, but are generally close.

    Ive got a rx480 8gb. Works quite well. If not look at something like rx 460 or maybe a gtx 1050
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