Which Graphics card do I need?

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Found 9th Feb 2009
I have a pentium 4 3.4ghz computer with a ATI RADEON 9600XT AGP graphics card.
How do I know which graphics card to upgrade to ? Can I buy any AGP graphics card?


theres not much higher in a way of AGP compared to what you have, do you have a PCIx16 slot on board aswell as the AGP, PCI is the way forward, if you dont have this slot it may mean a whole new motherboard, cpu, memory and graphic card and possibly a new psu

How much you looking to spend?

You can get reasonable AGP cards (like a ]Radeon 3850) but its also pretty old in the tooth - you might be best off saving up and getting a new PCI-E motherboard and graphics card, some DDR2 ram and a nice Core 2 CPU...

As above, your current CPU and graphics card are well matched. Even upgrading to the 3850, it is unlikely you will see a significnat difference. All modern motherboards use PCI Express slots for the graphics cards and so if you do upgarde to an AGP card, your invetsment will not transfer to a new computer. If, for any reason, your current machine can't run the games you want - you should really be considering a machine replacement as the next step. The only reason you would need a faster graphics card is for gaming. Your current card should be more than enough for any other applications.

For some people, the situation you are in creates a dilemma - should they spend a few £100 on a new computer purely for gaming or should they buy a games console. Only you can make that choice.
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