Which graphics card for GTA4?

Found 15th Dec 2008
Which one would you guys recommend, because I had to edit the game so I could change the craphics to the highest setting, and it was saying it needed 1400MB of graphics card memory... lol.

I'm waiting to play it in full spec, and my ATI 1950XT isn't liking the idea of running @ full spec =P. Got 2GB Duelcore Intel... runs at 2600hnz? lol (I haven't build comps for a while.. lol)

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I take it that's an E4700 Core 2 Duo?

Perhaps a HD4850?
intel E6500 I should have gone with the e6600 quad core. =S. The price of the HD4850 is fair, although it's 512MB... there's 1Gs out now??

I wonder if you could get full spec gfx on that game yet? you'd have to paid silly money though. Crossfire/SLI... not my cuppa tea.
Try a 4870 or 850 X2 model. Twice the power of the standard ones
Seem to remember somebody posting this site here:

I'm no fanboy of either gfx manufacturer as long as it runs nice I'm happy, so Nvidia 9800GT series or ATI 4850+ should work ok, but personally not tested it yet.
Good info guys.. .thanks for it. Same here Soupy... I've had a card from both manufacturers and they've been both ace... they have the weak and strong points! I think i like me ATI now cos me wii has one of their gfx cards in it... lol well gfx chip.
The X2 models by ATI really are amazing for the price/performance compared to nvidia. And this is coming from an nvidia fanboy! Not anymore... lol
Fair play, i'll look into them... I haven't for years now... lol.
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