Which graphics card for under £80 ?

    I need to upgrade my graphics card as my current one now won't play some of the later games.

    I'm not a total gaming buff, so my budget is £80.

    I was thinking of getting a Radeon HD 4670 1GB card, which you can get for about £75.

    Can anybody recommend this card, or suggest an alternative that is worth looking at?



    The 4670 is a decent card but dont waste money on the 1gb ,512mb is plenty,…ard

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    Thanks for the advice. :thumbsup:

    Daft question - apart from £1 what's the difference between the two HD 4670 cards on Play?…tml…tml

    The only thing that I can see is the memory (128 Vs 256 bit).
    (I'm not well up on graphics cards.)


    I am pretty sure they are both 128bit and that is just a spelling mistake.Sapphire is a known company with a decent warranty so i would go with that one,

    One thing is this card is a bit noisy when playing games and if that matters to you you may be better with the powercolor which has a quieter cooler,…097

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    Thanks again.

    The Powercolot is where I started, but I think that fan looks a bit too wide for my mobo. If it was on the other side it wouldn't be a problem. :-(

    The space available might constrain me to the Sapphire.

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    On checking, both these cards are too deep and would not fit due to the card in the slot below.

    So - I'm now trying to find a card that fits in a single slot, or has the fan/heatsink on the 'top'.

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    Thanks tonyg1962 & emasu, but I went for this in the end:…4bs

    rep added for your help.
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