Which graphics Card, Must be under 40.00 and (HDCP)

    I got a 8600gt which says its HDCP but its not, as wont play any blu-rays as keep getting error saying video signal not hdcp.

    I know my tv is, well wont get into it.

    My 8600gt xfx card has served me well for 4 years, and time for a new full hd card.

    It must have HDCP and its only for video, no gaming.

    I was told the Nvidia GT210, OR 220, Whats are your thoughts, as not bought anything like this for years.



    Any radeon hd series 54xx will be compatible and retail below £40 new same as the geforce 210 series. The 220 series may just come above the £40 budget

    I am looking at getting a radeon HD4850/4870 these cards are true value for money but are just above your budget at around £80

    Also you should get about £20 for your old card so that may boost your budget.

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    Would you require HD audio decoding from the HDMI ports? Just as ports need HDCP decryption support to enable video, the Dolby True HD and DTS Master audio requires PAP decryption from the HDMI port. Without PAP, the output will be of a lower bitrate and receivers that can decode TrueHD and Master will not see those signals.

    If you are using analogue output to speakers (in particular, surround speakers rather than stereo), it doesn't matter. The PC performs the decoding.
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