Which HDTV for gaming

    I use a 23" TV monitor (sm2333hd) for xbox 360 which has 1080p resolution, however when I try playing the xbox on my parents 32" 720p the picture quality is better, especially if I use hdmi port 2 where I can choose optimal resolution on the xbox and it sets to (1366x768 - 60hz only) and its like it has built in AA, the graphics are so much clearer with less jaggies! Most games are 720p on xbox (except halo is lower and others) is it because it only upscales 1 resolution from 720p to 768p?

    I'm thinking off getting a 32" TV and don't know whether to go for 1366x768 or 1080p?

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    which 32" do your parents have?

    1080p is better but the quality of tv is also a difference.

    I have a HD ready 32" plasma with 1080i with my xbox, looks great
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