Which headphones for an ipod shuffle?

    My daughter has been given a tiny ipod shuffle.

    It came with a pair of in-ear headphones that have a volume control on the cable.

    Unfortunately she can't wear in-ear style ones and so I am looking for a cheap set of "cans."

    I like the look of…-21

    but they don't seem to have volume control.

    Please can anyone suggest a decent pair for a similar price that would do the trick.



    These have an inline volume control and are ideal for kids
    You can get them cheaper if you look
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    Original Poster

    Thanks for the simplyjimbo but they look a little too young for my daughter - any other suggestions please?

    my daughter eats my headphpnes

    jus saying/venting


    The koss porta pro are an amazing headphone. Go on amazon and check the user reviews.

    I does take a strong character to wear them in public though.

    People want to laugh when they see me wearing them whilst listening to the streets of rage remix soundtrack but think twice when I flash a glance at them.

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    Just found out ( read the instructions!) that the volume controlon the cable also has another function so that when you press the middle bit it plays the next song etc.

    Don't suppose that would happen with any of these?


    nope if you press the + button twice it will change the track too

    Anyone know if Philips shk2000pp/10 kids headset from Tesco are compatible with ipod shuffle?
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