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Found 26th Nov 2017
looking at buying the hive thermostat system for my home. I see there is always two types listed. 1 for just heating and 1 for heating and hot water. As I have a Combi boiler and don’t need to control water does it matter which one I buy?

I have asked on the hive website and was told that I need just the heating one. But all the Black Friday deals that include installation (she won’t trust me to try myself) seem to be the heating and water one. I don’t really want to pay £250 to British Gas if I can get it for £160 elsewhere.

Has anyone used the heating and water thermostat if they have a Combi boiler? Or are all thermostats the same and just being marketed differently because of the difference in installation?
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You don't need the heating and hot water one however due to the pricing anomoly it makes sense to get that one. £159 installed is a good price (I was happy enough when I got it for £199) and I'd go for that. The BG engineer will be happy as it will be an easier job for him to install however you may have to wait a few weeks to get an appointment. Another advantage of them installing is that If you have BG Homecare then they can't point the finger at the installation if you have any problems down the line
That’s great cheers for the info. I was worried that if I bought the heating and hot water one then when the engineer came out he might tell me I’ve got the wrong one and that I’ve wasted my money. Good to know it’ll work just as well
I just bought the heating and hot water one (but have a combo boiler)...I called up for installation on Friday thinking it would be weeks to wait especially given near to Christmas but they offered me the next weds so less than 7 days...I know it’s area specific but I was pleasantly surprised

I paid £160ish to amazon including installation and it’s still British Gas - there’s a code in the box with the unit and you call them up directly so it doesn’t matter who the retailer is as long as it’s not the self install model
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