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    please can anyone help.i have just returned from 2 weeks of sun,and tried to book somewhere for next year.the prices have gone through the roof !!! we are 2 adults and 3 children so cant fit in all hotels.(kids ages 13,10,6) just wondering which sites/agents you book through,coz maybe they might be cheaper. thanks for your help !


    try [url]www.skyscanner.net[/url]


    Hi there,

    I use this site as they compare and give you the best rates :thumbsup:


    eclipse direct

    have u tried - [url]www.lowcostholidays.com[/url] ...

    Hi there, this year I have saved a packet by booking everything individually. I have found out that the low fair airlines always have great deals at different times of the year. Here is one example, I booked flights for 6 people to the algarve which cost me £380. 4 adults and 2 childre both 9 and 6. I got the transfers return to my resort for £37, I then booked my accomadation from [url]www.holiday-rentals.co.uk[/url] which was a 2 bedroom appartment which slept 6 for a price of £300 for the week. So my Total Cost for 4 adults and 2 children came in at £717 for the week. I thought this was an absolute steal as I have paid ridiculous amounts in the past

    We always go to centerparcs, and can only book with them directly (usually a code around though - currently 1 for up to 30% discount)

    try [url]www.lastminiute.com:thumbsup:[/url]


    http://www.teletextholidays.co.uk/Holidays/Package_Holidays/?ito=6705&ppc=try these, i normally find some good bargains.

    i would recommend teletext also. used for 4 foreign holidays in the past.

    im sure it easy to find deals independently ? cut out the middle man?

    [url]www.travelzoo.com[/url] or travel republic.co.uk, look for discount codes before you book

    Try [url]www.icelolly.com[/url]

    BG1 for once in my knowledge speaks some sense. we have been reccomended to cut out the middle man. cary thought though.

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