which hosepipe connector (for kichen sink / bathroom sink) to connect to pressure washer?

Found 6th Apr 2014
i have ordered a few hosepipes with several connectors but i couldn't connect them to my tap.

so i returned them back.

i have purchased a pressure washer from aldi and i would like to buy a hose pipe with the right connections to my tap and to the pressure washer so it works

i have included a picture of my tap


thank you in advance

my bathroom (downstairs) sink


if its cheaper i could opt for an adaptor that fits this one instead

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You would be better connecting to kitchen sink as that is a mains supply. Your bathroom is probably fed from a water tank, in most houses.

I'd recommend fitting an outside tap if possible, much easier and secure to connect to and when the pipe does leak or pop off you don't get a soaking kitchen.

If you do insist on fitting it to the kitchen tap then something like this should work...


You need to check the measurements to make sure it will fit your tap though.

Your other choice would be a water butt with rainwater.
do i just need to measure the circumference of the tap?
For the ebay one I posted it shows you were you need to measure on one of the pictures
Do not attach to the kitchen sink. I learnt the hard way. I was happily jet washing the drive when I noticed the pressure dropped off, I went inside to investigate to find the connector had come partly away from the tap. Result: A drowned kitchen. Mrs was not happy.

Do as nbuuifx said & fit an outside tap if possible.
outside tap is easy. tee off cold supply under sink.
drill hole through wall from under sink. mount outside tap.
remember to put isolater at new join.

no more wet kitchen
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