Which HTC


    Desire HD or S??????

    Looking to use mainly for camera and internet usage -hardly text or ring. I'd be grateful for your suggestions.



    u got no fwends to call/text


    u got no fwends to call/text

    he just txt in HUKD

    The HD has the better camera (8 meg), but the battery life can be really bad (I've seen reports of needing a charge twice a day!).

    The S has a 5 meg, not seen any reviews on the camera so far or the battery life, but its got to be better then the HD!

    HTC Desire HD 2.3 upgrade came out today.. Improved the battery life by 25-30%, which is fantastic.

    I was personally using a management app anyway to stick off services during certain times of the day etc

    Wait for the HTC Sensation, due to be released anytime and will be HTC's flagship phone.

    i have the HD and i can't stand it.


    i have the HD and i can't stand it.

    Wanna sell it?

    I have the desire and the mrs has the S. I would say:
    Hd for bigger screen and better camera, s for better battery life (very marginal) and better fit in your pocket. your choice.

    or an... Iphone 4 if you have a very small p***s.....

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    iPhone 4
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