Which iPad to choose?

Posted 12th Nov 2020
I'm thinking of buying a new iPad on black Friday, but I'm not sure which one to choose.

I'll mostly use it for basic business purposes; emails, notes, some browsing, etc. so no real need for something fancy there. In addition to that, I might use it to watch Netflix/YouTube but very occasionally.

I have an old iPad Air (2014) which surprisingly still works fine (although not that fast anymore) but the kids have taken over it so I can't really use it anymore.

I assume that the base version (iPad 8th generation) will be enough for my needs, but since I intend to keep it for many years I was thinking that maybe it makes more sense to go for e.g. the air version?

At the moment, the 32GB base version costs £329 and the 64GB air version £579, which is quite big difference, almost double the price. Is it worth it?

Also, from previous experience, what reduction should we expect in black Friday?

Finally, does it make sense to get an older version, e.g. in some clearance, and if yes which one?

Thanks for your time.
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