which is a better tv?????

    i was thinking about buying a new tv and its between these 2 tvs.

    the 40inch sony w4500
    the 40inch samsung 6 series (686)

    which is better please???

    much appreciated


    I'd go for the Sony - but then thats my opinion and when it comes down in price I'll get one ... My guess is end Jan/Feb

    Would get a panasonic 42 plasma the 80b model :thumbsup:

    Difficult - we have a 52" Sony in the living room and Samsung in other rooms... both are great tvs, probably favour the Sony just a shade... but maybe that's because its a Sony:thinking:

    I have this Sony, it is AWESOME! The W4500 handles non HD content TV astonishingly good, no pixelation of blurred effects during fast moving scenes, MOTD looks fantastic.

    out of the two i'd say go with the sony. Although I've never had issues with anything samsung that i've owned, I'd say sony is the better quality brand of the two

    I'd choose the Sony

    I would also choose the Sony. I`ve not long purchased the 40v4000 one. Great tv:thumbsup:
    My last livingroom tv was a Sony,10years old now and has never let me down.:-D

    686 has gaming lag, not fantastic sound

    sony can suffer from backlight bleed,clouding


    I'll take the one on the left please. It has a nicer screen, and the remote control has a nice round button on it
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