which is best

    Can anyone tell me which is the best out of these 3 cards


    i am at a loss as to which to get, and getting really confused by it all, all help will be greatly recieved i thank you in advance for any suggetions and which is the easiest to use?


    here is a thread on it: ]HERE

    I have just ordered three DSTT cards, and three 2GB Kingston cards for £24 from ]dealextreme, not a bad price.

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    Thank you for your replies, am still worried about the R4 because i have heard that you can no longer get updated software for it is this true


    my two have dstt, dont buy your memory cards from dx



    why not?

    memory cards from dx are quite well known to be fake, even if not its easier to return a dud card to the likes of play, amazon etc,etc than dx

    I've got a Acekard2 they're pretty cool, you can even make your own skins, i'd say go for the acekard.


    I ordered a few couple of weeks ago and they were fine,Just ordered … I ordered a few couple of weeks ago and they were fine,Just ordered another lot today,Got me worried now lol

    I wouldnt worry, DX have clampled down a lot on fakes the past couple of months, have ordered SD/miniSD cards from them before, and never had a problem.

    i got a two dstt card from deal extreme two weeks ago both dont work yes tried everythink to get them working but no joy, been trying for two weeks to get intouch with dealextreme about cards and no luck there either i have three r4 cards 2 for the last year and one for the last week work really good no problems with games
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