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    The first one has 3MP (although I doubt you'll see much difference in quality) and 64MB built in storage instead of 16MB on the other. It doesn't state what sort of features it has though. I'd assume it has similar features to the other camera as it states it comes with AV cables.

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    so youd say the first one?

    Well from the Argos descriptions yeah

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    ta! i know they arent great for adults, but its just for my little girl, my dad is getting it for her for christmas, hopefully it will be okay!

    Definitely the top one going by the Argos description but I would make sure whoever goes in to buy the item checks out the details. There appear to be several different versions of this product. It's not unknown for Argos to get descriptions and products muddled up

    Maybe best to print off the details and take them with you. You can view before you buy if you ask at customer services.


    edited , spelling mistake no to not

    Agreed on the first link, the specs look to be consistently better - seems like either a slightly newer model or an upgraded one. Very good point made in the post above, went to buy Optimus Prime from Argos and was given Megatron which I'm sure to most people would have looked much the same.

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