Which is best for grocery shopping online


    I can get the above to deliver to my door and i cant get down there so im going to delve into the world of online shopping!!! But whose is the best and more importantly cheapest... Also im guessing its fairly easy to find what u want etc...

    Thank yoush!!!

    Rep left for comments...


    I use tesco because i can build up my points that way and use them for the deals and because i can get money off, i havent used the others yet so i cant compare

    Tesco!! because of point and can get cheap or free del.

    Tesco,Asda were always late!

    Tesco and asda, i think they're the cheapest!

    Make sure you have plenty of time when you first sit down to do it as it will take ages to find all the things you need. Check on here for codes as this site and the kind people who share their codes have saved me ££'s. I think Asda is slightly quicker on the website and slightly cheaper but as others have pointed out - you get your clubcard points with Tesco.
    Good luck!

    theres a voucher on here for free delivery if order over £50 on asda. i do prefer asda but the tesco site is easier to find things on. asda have never been late for us, and they phone us when they are 5 mins away

    how does it work, i've seen those little blue boxes they drop the items off in...but do you keep those, or take the stuff out then hand them back to the driver?

    Take the stuff out. Tedious but a hundred times better than trawling round the shop yourself!

    Actually i ask them to leave them with Tesco, then they pick up next time (or after i've finished using them when moving house!)


    i use, they compare the prices for you across the stores

    it then sends your trolley to the main site, i tend to use tesco as i like the points x

    Original Poster

    right thanks guys n gals! great help

    I would suggest using mysupermarket first since you can see who is cheapest and get ipoints.

    Who is best depends on where you live. Tesco is not great here, and Asda is AWFUL. However I have heard other people say that they have a bad time with sainsburys (who are great here) and good experiences with asda and tesco. Depends on the individual store

    asda always works out cheaper for me using
    Ive just placed my xmas food shopping to be deliverd 23rd Dec... all done!

    Would agree with kelly_o_fanatic, asda are great round my way but I've heard horror stories... on the other hand tesco were rubbish with us the one time we tried them, but we've heard great things... so I think it's a case of try them and see - but sainsbury's will definitely end up being the most expensive I reckon.

    Worth mentioning that if Asda have to substitute anything, they charge you the price for the original item even if the substitute is more expensive (and deduct if it's cheaper), apparently none of the others do that.

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