Which is best & why? Samsung note 10.1 or Samsung tab 10.1 Whats the difference?

    Need to know whats the best value


    I think the note will have a stylus and extra software for it as the tab won't.

    The note is also a phone it has more features and more RAM which should make it snappier performance wise! Info
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    Which note are you looking for if its note 2014. This is much better than the tab3/4 more ram, stylus, better resoloution, better processor. Etc

    Agree with the others, I looked very carefully into these before finally settling on the Note. The Tab 3 and 4 have lower RAM. My dad and husband both had a tab with lower ram and found them slow and stalling. His Note is fast and no problems so far. The Note also has the S pen which is a really good feature.
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