Which is better.......

    In terms of shops and places to eat?

    Lakeside or Bluewater?



    Lakeside is full of chavs.


    well i like lakeside but i also like bluewater but which ones bettter ............................................theres only one way to find out FIGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHT

    there's only one way to decide......fight

    I live within 5 minutes walk of Lakeside and 10 minutes drive of Bluewater. Both are great, and in terms of shops, aren't a million miles different to each other.

    * Bluewater is in much nicer surroundings - very serene and upmarket. Lakeside is much more in the thick of retail parks and industry in Thurrock. This has the added benefit of loads of great large stores (Toys R Us, Currys, PC World, Comet etc) right next to the shopping centre itself
    * Bluewater has more high-end fashion shops - Armani Exchange, Karen Millen, Hilfiger, Hollister etc.
    * Parking is free at both
    * Theoretically, the restaurants are better at Bluewater, but all of the food areas there are very hectic - even the upmarket food areas are busy, because theyr'e near major entrances and exits. Lakeside's restaurants are on the Boardwalk - a lovely new area that overlooks the lake - a dozen or so great restaurants all next to each other. On the other hand, Bluewater has a Leon - so if you're looking for a cheap lunch that's great quality and different, try's a Leon lunch that often lures me across to Bluewater. Lakeside has no reasonable cheap lunch options - it's Maccy D, Pret or nowt!
    Does that help

    depends on what type of shops you want :?
    lakeside is you normal high street stores & bluewater is more designer
    i personally prefer bluewater :thumbsup:

    If you like ordinary high street shops, and takeaway style food (pizza hut, burgers, noodles) go to Lakeside. If you prefer designer shops and more exotic food (Yo Sushi etc) head to Bluewater.

    When I lived in kent I preffered the one on the essex side, not sure which one that is.

    Bluewater is much nicer:thumbsup:
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