Which is better :- 6600gt 128mb or 9800xt 256mb?

Found 25th Mar 2008
Which is better :- 6600gt 128mb or 9800xt 256mb?

I've heard that the 6600gt is better but is this right?

The 9800xt has 256mb, 256bit whereas the 6600gt has 128mb and 128bit.

Which is better?
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there pretty much neck and neck . personally i would pick the 9800xt for the extra memory
Wow, 9800. I has the pro 128mb version but it broke down a year ago.

The 6600 is the mid-range card that was the generation after the 9800, I don't know the specifics (I had a 9800, why would I need a silly new graphics card ) but usually in that situation the two have roughly equal performance. In other aspects like power consumption and noise then the mid-range card is likely to be better.

Either way though, both will be inadaquate for new games.

That's assuming this is the Radeon 9800 from 3-4 year ago and not the new Geforce 9800 that's just being released.
depends on what its to be used for
Gaming at low resoloutions/ whatever settings I can get games to run smoothly on.

I've bought/ in the process of buying a 9800XT from OV3RCLOCK3R .

Wonder what settings Crysis will play on lol.
It is close, you can see the 9800 pro vs 6600GT here:


The 9800XT was slightly faster than the 9800 pro but not much, also worth bearing in mind that the 6600 supported Shader Model 3.0, the 9800 series only supported up to SM2.0

well i would go for the 9800xt. it is a much cooler card than the everyhas 6600gt and it has a better memoy bandwith which is important when using higher Resolution



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Wow, this is a real blast from the past...I remember the excitement on getting a 9700 pro and being able to play at 1600x1200 and AA/AF being usable. It just seems crazy how big even the mid range 1070 is now compared to the dinky little 9700 coolers were and at the time how ridiculous the FX5800 Ultra blower was.

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