Which is better Butchers meat or organic from supermarket

Posted 28th Nov 2022
Looking for advice on which is better for you, butchers meat where it is almost farm to shop although the animals may be fed on livestock grain, or organic meat from the supermarket that although is organic it has been taken on a journey to reach the supermarket.
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    Depends on the butcher. Before it closed our local one didn't have anything much better than the non-organic meat found in the supermarket only it cost slightly more. The best advice is to ask questions. If the butcher seems reluctant then just walk away. A good butcher will be proud of the meat they sell. If it doesn't look or taste good then it is the same intensive factory food. Most of the meat produced comes from intensive farming otherwise it would cost a lot more.

    I'd go with Organic. It has limits on antibiotic use etc. That's not to say all non-organic is the same. It could come from a smaller producer that hasn't been certified. At least with organic you can be sure (as long as it isn't fraudulent).

    As SaturdayGigs mentions it's very easy for the wool to be pulled over our eyes. A few other examples:

    - Claiming to be from a specific location e.g. 'welsh' lamb when in fact the animal has only been brought to that location towards the end of it's life to be 'finished off'.
    - Claiming to be of a specific breed e.g 'Angus' beef when it is merely a hybrid.
    - Claiming to be 'fresh' in the case of seafood when it's brought in frozen and then defrosted.

    They push the limits in the description as far as the law allows.
    I agree, and this practice is absolutely revolting.
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    Never believe them when they say it is farm to shop.

    You'd be very surprised...
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    There are occasions where the meat supplied in the farm shop is not from that farm.
    Any animal reared for consumption has been farmed, irrespective of method.
    Organic might be considered a better choice as a mark of respect for the animal, but it still had its neck cut to be on your plate. Although organic should taste better due to the ingredients in the process, but when it comes to £10 for a chicken then there has to be a line drawn somewhere..
    If you can afford the cost, then perhaps organic is the choice, as there is a paperwork trail for that animal. Your local butcher is likely to be more expensive than the supermarket, but be aware that sometimes unsold meat is returned, repackaged, and sold to the "cheaper" supermarkets.
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    I would say the organic as it *should* have been exposed to less chemicals/hormones etc.

    Organic is a marketing scam, and quite often uses far more harmful chemicals in the name of being "organic".
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    That's what I was thinking but its the process from farm to store that is putting me off?
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    Make sure not be get conned with misleading 'outoor' bred info, it wants to be outdoor bred and specifically outdoor reared!
    Good example here for pigs.

    As the name suggests, “Outdoor bred” means that the pigs are born in outdoor systems, usually in straw bedded arks with access to a paddock. The piglets are then brought inside shortly after weaning and spend the rest of their lives indoors. As with outdoor reared, the sows do get to live their lives outdoors. (edited)
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    Good butcher
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    We buy from aldi..

    We don't have a local butchers however we have mobile van twice a week that gets busy. Freezer filling deals and that seems a good option. Keep meaning yo try it.
    Depends what you want I guess. Used to use local butchers and that was really good and better than supermarket but closed. Freezer filling deals again.. (edited)
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    I'm unsure if we are allowed to ask this on this forum, but are we allowed to go a farm and slaughter it ourslves, and just pay the farmer to prepare, unpluck defur etc?
    Why would you do that? It really depends on the farmer, if you really want fresh meat you can ask them to do it. They have the experience, tools, etc. I guess it will cost you more but if you buy the whole animal it will work out cheaper than supermarket
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    A local butcher usually has better quality than the supermarkets, but they are also a fair few high street butchers that sell cheap imported meat. A local farm shop isnt guaranteed to sell their own meat and most will still buy in but it will be a good quality and a higher price.
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    We just use supermarkets (mostly Aldi), we have a good local butcher but last time we used them it was £8 for 5 sausages and prices have only gone up since, even with reasonable wages that's just insane so we don't bother now. You have to be careful too as lots of butchers just use meat wholesalers now rather than the whole source local thing so you could be paying more for mass processed meat anyway. (edited)
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