Which is better i3 or dual core on laptops?

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Your term "dual core" is too broad.

For example an i3 cpu IS a dual core CPU.

But "Dual Core" could also mean Pentium Dual Core which are of course dual core, or Core 2 Duo which are also mostly dual core, there are even some Celerons that are "Dual Core" (Intel do make a bewildering range of CPUs)..

i3 are the "newer" CPUs from Intel so in that sense they are better.

Having said that some i3 are better than the older "dual core", and some older "dual core" are better than i3.

For example even the slowest i3 (the 330M) is faster than any Pentium Dual Core.

More here




I think that link is about desktop CPUs not laptop CPUs
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