which is better? lcd monitor with tv tuner or lcd tv?


    I want to be able to watch tv in my bedroom and would like to plug my laptop into the tv when i buy a new one.
    So since they are pretty much the same price for the 19-20 inch ones which would be better an lcd monitor with tv tuner or lcd tv?

    When i do get my new laptop, i will only plug it into the tv/monitor when i play games or watch dvds.


    go for the tv with vga input if you are going to use it primarily as a TV.

    i think the main difference will be the slight differences in resolutions as the dimensions of monitors are slightly different to those of a LCD TV.

    I would imagine that a LCD TV with vga input would be cheaper as they're more common than a monitor with inbuilt TV tuner.

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    thanx mark....ill go hunting for a cheap tv then

    also my lcd with tv tuner has not got great picture, they do say in the set up instructions that the quality is not so great on lcd tv tuner, but not sure on all of them, mine is a samsung 17inc. hope this helps a bit, so best take advice of above. :thumbsup:

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    thanx for the feedback sofia

    I know it`s a laptop but as far as tv tuners go nebula has a great picture with streaming functions. You get what you pay for.
    Although in the high end market, I think the usb device is £40. I have used the card on my desktop with great results.
    LCD TV mostly have PC inputs as they where developed from the pc monitor where they ran at a higher resolution than the old tv.
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