which is better, twin geforce 980 or single geforce 1080?

    Hi, not so up to speed on gaming these days, but looking to buy a laptop as I do a lot of travelling for work and want to keep myself entertained. I also want to use Vr when at home. I have seen two systems at a similar price, but don't know which setup is best, everything is really the same, i7 7700k processor, etc, but one has 2x geforce 980 sli and the other has a single GeForce 1080, which configuration would be better for gaming and vr? And also better for future proof?


    single. sli drivers on new games are always crap. it takes a few months for them to optimise them if they ever get round to it at all.

    90% of the time 1x1080
    10% (poss even less) of the time 2x980

    The 1080 is also the most future proof and you can add a second as and when if actually required.

    If they were 980ti then that's different, but a single 1080 all the way,

    get a EVGA FTW hybrid 1080, it's beautiful still yet to get it to 50°c

    Mugs do sli

    single night and day

    single 1080 unless 980 sli is way cheaper.
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