Which is more suitable for moving a sofa around on a wooden floor: furniture gliders or felt protector pads?

Found 21st Jan 2017
The sofa will only occasionally need to be moved. Each foot of the sofa is approx 20 x 15 cm

Found the following items:





Felt Floor Protector Pads:



Is one big round glider sufficient or should a few be used per foot of the sofa? Don't want the sofa to be wobbly or fo the glider to get crushed by the weight of the sofa!

Would the gliders be better or worse than felt protectors?

Thanks for your help.
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Felt OR silicone furniture sliders
when I put laminate flooring down I save a bit of carpet, cut to size of sofa leg, silicone in place, bingo.
We bought some felt & cut it to size. No problems to date, and our suite is moved regularly for cleaning. No noise either! Suspect the sliders might make a grating or squeaking noise, but cannot answer for sure. Perhaps someone else can.
I have felt and it works just fine
i have 22mm solid oak flooring id go for the plastic feet with flt underneath , last thing you want is scratches
felt pads are a couple of quid on amazon. stick one one each leg. sorted
Thanks for your answers.
pound stretchers sell carpet squares 600x600 for a £1 will do your couch plus anything else
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